ALL Ages #1:      June 17-22

Shockwave #1:   July 8-13

ALL Ages #2:      July 15-22

Shockwave #2:   July 29-Aug 3

In the pre-teen world, life is changing all around you. At times you need something to come along and shake you up and point you in the right direction. Shockwave will help you find your bearings!

Come and enjoy a week-long overnight journey of adventures, games, challenges, growth and new friends…all while learning about your amazing Father! New experiences, great friends, campfires, awesome food and terrific memories are just a few of the things Shockwave will bring to your life.

Shockwave is an overnight camp for this who will be 11 years old by the end of the current calendar year up to those have not yet reached their 13th birthday.

Ready to experience the Shockwave? Step out of your comfort zone…sign up today.

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