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Are you looking for a summer job that is more than just a job? Something that will have an immediate IMPACT? How about an eternal IMPACT?

The job of working at Wildwood Ranch is demanding…and rewarding. It requires a good deal of stamina, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills and patience. Staff members must be receptive to the campers and take very seriously the responsibility of nurturing them in a safe and interactive environment. The staff’s number one priority is ALWAYS the campers in their care.

Working at Wildwood Ranch gives you the opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of campers while being impacted in a way you haven’t yet experienced!

Please download and print the application below or fill out our online application. The return mail information is located on this page at the top and in the application. Fill out our online application and save a stamp! Follow the appropriate link below…

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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